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Our next 10 years will be marked by a very different kind of journey.

Tomorrow starts here.

The healthiest start in life... Imagine the impact
for a child,
for a family, for a community. We can.

Imagine finding the cure for a rare genetic disorder for a child in Ottawa. that also helps a child halfway around the world.

Imagine telling more parents their child will be okay
because through research and innovation, we’ve found a better way.

Imagine seeing a specialist as soon as you need to because every day matters in the life of a child.

Imagine mental
illness wasn't a
barrier to health
and happiness
because help is
available when and
where you need it.

Imagine a health system without cookie cutters.

where care is as unique as every child.

Imagine health care at your fingertips
accessing your health records, choosing appointments convenient to you,
connecting with experts.

Imagine a hospital without walls
where you can get the help you need closer to home


When it comes to health care
and your child, imagine if...