CHEO’s mission is to help kids and families to be their healthiest – and our staff, physicians and volunteers are proud to do their part by making wise use of our resources.

In recent years, CHEO has adopted “Lean” methodology in several areas of the hospital. The Lean approach means that our staff and clinical teams continuously review what we do to identify ways to improve care and streamline work flows. With Lean, CHEO has already been able to reduce wait times and make improvements in surgery, emergency and cancer care.

Now CHEO is committed to rolling out the Lean approach throughout the hospital, starting with the 4th floor in-patient unit.

What are some examples of Responsible Stewardship?

  • A doctor coming up with the good & simple idea of sterilizing examining tables instead of using paper rolls – well received by patients, reducing both waste and costs.
  • Winning an environmental award for saving $300,000 through medical device reprocessing and recycling – putting more money towards patient care
  • Actively seeking new revenues that align with CHEO’s mission and values
  • Simplifying the way we do things so nurses and other staff can spend more time with patients

By adopting a disciplined approach and ensuring that we make the best use of our front line staff’s time, we will ensure that every dollar donated and allocated to our children’s health is used precisely for that.