For the most part, children and families come to CHEO in difficult circumstances: when a child breaks a leg, when a teen is struggling with mental illness, when an infant needs diagnosis for a disease or disorder.

We pride ourselves on the compassion and care that we deliver – and the many stories we hear about how staff, physicians and volunteers have gone “above and beyond” to help a patient and family.

But we also know there are things we don’t do as well. We sometimes fall short in the moments “around” the clinical interaction. These aren’t usually criticisms about people, but about situations: How long people waited for help, how hard it was to get information, rescheduled appointments.

Of course, few hospitals do these things very well. But we believe that CHEO can help set a new standard. CHEO has the people, the talent, the skills and the community support to make a difference – and these are tremendous assets.

What does an “Exceptional Patient Experience” look like?

  • Shorter waiting lists for surgery and appointments with specialists
  • Shorter waits in Emergency
  • Being able to book your own clinic appointment on-line, at a time that works in your schedule
  • Easily accessing your own health information

We will place exceptional patient experience at the center of our work.

We have identified and will implement new technologies that improve patient care and access to their health information, new work flows that reduce wait times and improve outcomes, and new practices to help children and families be their healthiest.