At CHEO, we are proud of our legacy in both health care delivery and ground-breaking research. We believe in evidence-driven heath care to ensure the best outcomes and quality care for children and families.

Our leading-edge research institute delves into data in order to change the lives of children today and in the future. For instance, thanks to the work of our world-renowned experts, children who suffer from Spinal Muscular Atrophy – a rare genetic disorder – can walk again.

But innovation based on evidence goes beyond medical discovery and touches every aspect of running a hospital.

The data we collect tells us what difference was made by our interventions. From hygiene and housekeeping to use of pain medication and the treatment of cancer, a hospital must monitor the evidence to ensure the best care.

For example, CHEO’s Emergency department compared pain relief from ibuprofen with acetaminophen/codeine for children with fractures. We found that ibuprofen gave better pain relief – and as a result, this is now part of our standard of care. It’s a small change, perhaps, but it’s meaningful to that child and to the parent watching that child suffer.

How will CHEO “embed evidence into everything we do” to ensure the best care and outcomes?

  • Using tools to help clinicians choose the most appropriate care for every patient
  • Creating a learning environment focused on continuous improvement
  • Increasing the number of patients involved in clinical trials
  • Setting specific objectives for key activities, and measuring our progress so we can ensure we are always improving
  • Getting results into the hands of family doctors faster.
  • Fostering more multi-disciplinary research

By setting targets and monitoring outcomes for all aspects of care, we will strive for continuous improvement and to become leaders and champions for change.