Generally, people are attracted to the field of health care because they want to make a difference.

As individuals, they are caring, compassionate, skilled, dedicated – and absolutely committed to doing the best they can for their patients.

However, as a health care system, we are operating as a series of parts instead of a whole. Navigating the system can be a challenge. And there are some very real gaps for many patients.

As part of CHEOnext, CHEO will extend its impact by connecting services both within and beyond its walls for children, youth and families. This is our commitment to “Connected Care”.

What does “Connected Care” mean?

  • Empowering families by giving them easy access to their own health info online
  • Helping chronic patients transition to adult hospitals and specialists
  • Partnering with other community organizations, like with the Bridges Project, helping youth in mental health crisis
  • Coordinating care for children with the most complex medical needs
  • Utilizing technology to share information within and outside our walls.
  • Getting results into the hands of family doctors faster.
  • Using telemedicine more so families travel less
  • Using telepsychiatry more, so more communities have access to CHEO experts

We are putting in place a series of initiatives that will help lead us to our longer term goal -- a connected health community that works to its fullest potential, so children and youth reach their fullest potential.

This isn’t the work of any one group or organization. We will need the skills and commitment of everyone in the hospital and beyond to make this happen. CHEO is committed to being a positive catalyst for change.