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CHEOnext is our plan to change the way health care is provided to children and youth in our region.

It is how we will help kids be their healthiest. It is how we'll extend our impact beyond our community.

We conducted the most extensive strategic review in CHEO's history, delving deeply into our strengths and weaknesses, demographical, political, and fiscal environment. We heard from thousands of patients, families, staff, partners, and experts.

CHEOnext is the result - it is how we will best equip our organization as we move into our fifth decade.

Our patients are changing:

Who they are.

How many more there will be.

What their expectations are.

The languages they speak.

Medicine is changing:

Some conditions are much easier to treat than they were 10 years ago.

There are many more complex and chronic cases.

Technology is starting to change the way care is given.

The advent of personalized medicine could change how we care for patients for a lifetime to come.

Financial & political landscape is changing:

Hospitals must learn how to be better with time and money.

We must learn to use indicators, data and evidence to measure initiatives and outcomes – ensuring the best use of every resource.

CHEO has changed:

In the last 10 years, CHEO has nearly doubled its revenue and the number of physicians, added two new wings and half a dozen major provincial or regional programs, and quadrupled our research infrastructure. We are no longer a small community hospital. It is time for us to shed that image of ourselves and hold on to only the most important part – that we are still small enough to care.

And we need to embrace what we are now – big enough to matter.

Protecting our future:

There will be 70,000 more children and youth in our region in 20 years than there are today. The need for our services will continue to grow and, in the context of an aging society, we will have a more crucial role than ever. It is our young patients who will be tomorrow's parents, workers, taxpayers and innovators. Their success will be our community's success.

Better Help Families Like These

Stories like these make us want to work even harder to be the best CHEO we can be.

Allan Hubley reminds us why it is so important to help connect care for families in this community.

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Our next 10 years will be marked by a very different kind of journey – not about growth, but focus and impact.

Our Mission

We help kids and families be their healthiest.

Our Vision

Our care will change young lives in our community; our innovation will change young lives around the world.

To reflect that, we’ve laid out a new mission and vision for the hospital. We’ve also identified five strategic directions that will act as a roadmap – linking our current reality with our intended destination. And we’ve defined targets to measure our success, and prioritized projects to help us get there.

Our first steps will be to roll out the tools and processes that will help us to find the capacity and creativity to make big change happen. We will drive innovation into every part of the hospital – innovation in patient care, innovation in management, innovation in housekeeping, innovation in discovery.

We’ll do this at a reasonable pace – purposeful, but realistic – to make sure that our focus always remains on our patients and that we only improve on the high quality of care you’ve come to expect from us.

CHEO has always valued the special relationship it has with the community and we invite you to join us on this new journey. This year we have set the course. Together we can re-imagine healthcare for our children and our community.

Tomorrow starts here.

Check out how CHEO is already changing lives around the world

  • Discovered ways to improve care for asthmatic children
  • Discovered genes for 100+ rare diseases
  • Discovered a sweet and natural way to treat pain
  • Discovered how to trick cancer cells into destroying themselves
  • Developed national guidelines for how much sedentary behaviour is too much for kids
  • Developed a rapid mental health screening tool
  • Discovered that ibuprofen gives better pain relief than acetaminophen and codeine
  • Discovered a new class of anti-cancer drug
  • Discovered key factors that determine whether a cell lives or dies
  • Discovered a treatment that helps kids with a rare disorder to walk again
  • Discovered the cheapest and most effective way to treat croup

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